How to Film and Edit an Instagram Fashion Reel: 6 Tips and Tricks

Fashion has always been interesting to follow. In the past, it all took place through the magic shows of fashion brands, photo shoots that were done in honor of new collections, and fashion editorials in fashion magazines, and today it is most attractive and simplest to follow through Instagram reels.

Forget catwalks, the hottest fashion show these days is happening on your phone screen made possible through an application where a large number of people get huge motivation and inspiration – of course, it’s Instagram.

Instagram Reels have become the go-to platform for showcasing the fashion flair that the world now enjoys from a fashion point of view, and whether you’re a seasoned style icon or a closet queen dipping your toes into the trend pool, knowing how to craft a killer Reel is key.

But fear not, fashionistas! It is important that you fit into a video, and that it looks tasty, but it is also important how you create it, and we are here to help. This ain’t haute couture – just follow these six tips and your reels will be strutting down the algorithm in no time.

Create a Fashion Story in Which the Audience Will Recognize Themselves

Create a story, then create a video. Every Reel needs an unusual story, even if it’s just a visual one that will attract audience members and followers to you. Have you found great fashion pieces that easily fit into the latest fashion trends? Display them as a perfect catch or make them part of your styling that you will associate with a certain period of fashion.

Do you live in a city that radiates urban energy? Style up and walk through some of its most iconic parts, taking photos and short videos. What next? Of course, combine all the content you’ve created into a slick Instagram video. Remember, it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about the feeling you evoke in the audience. Shine and give your best.

The Light Makes the Star Even Brighter

Have a great fashion combination that you believe the audience will go crazy for? That’s all great as long as you don’t have bad lighting. Lighting is the key to a successful reel because bad lighting can make even the best piece of clothing look the worst.

Natural light is your best friend, so shoot near windows or outdoors for a flattering glow. If the weather is sunny, get outside and do your best for your next Instagram video.

If artificial light is unavoidable, play with lamps and overhead fixtures to create interesting shadows and highlights. And how to get the best? Sunset is every fashion content creator’s best friend. If you have a forecast of sunny days, make the most of the golden hour and create videos to admire.

Strike a Pose, Move Skillfully, and Create a Masterpiece!

Static shots are so very outdated, that they are even considered an evil of the past. Be contemporary and do something that brings riches and fame. Reels are all about dynamism, so get creative with your camera angles and transitions.

Make something your audience wants to see, and that’s a bold approach to video creation. Swirl, spin, strut, twirl – show your energy, show your best self, and convey the outfit in the best possible way through your real video.

Do you want us to reveal a secret to you? Use the Instagram timer or a tripod for hands-free shots when you shoot yourself, it will allow you to be the best fashion icon who poses and creates like nobody’s watching.

Don’t Forget About Editing – It’s the Key to A Successful Instagram Story!

Don't Forget About Editing - It's the Key to A Successful Instagram Story!

Don’t underestimate the power of editing! It is the key that all celebrities have with them, to successfully convey a fashion trend. The best video editing tools like Adobe Express, are surprisingly powerful, letting you trim clips from fashion walks, add filters to better capture the scene itself, and even layer text and stickers to get a video that looks world-class.

Advanced options of applications like Adobe Express can only bring more to you and the new fashion Instagram reel. Play with speed adjustments to create slow-motion drama or fast-paced energy. Music is your secret weapon, it is best to use hits that are current at the moment for perfect reach.

Collaborations and Collaborations with Brands Always Bring More!

Having collaborators results is better than being alone! That’s why it’s great if you can have collaborations on your Instagram videos with local brands, personalities, etc., but it would also be great if you mention all collaborations in the copy and tag the parties involved.

All this makes the Instagram real video better, more professional, and more beautiful, and on the other hand, it brings more audience because the audience can best perceive what looks perfect, so why not you be the perfect one?

Use Hashtags and Create Yourself as A Brand!

Use Hashtags and Create Yourself as A Brand!

Be Seen, Be Heard. This is a rule used by marketers, but also by big brands that want to be seen and make a mark. The right hashtags are your ticket to a wider audience, but also a mark by which they can search for you as inspiration and fashion motivation in moments of having no idea for the next outfit.

Research trending fashion hashtags, but also think outside the box and create unique tags by which the audience will recognize you.

That way you will be your brand that will grow through Instagram reеl videos. Remember, it’s not just about getting likes, it’s about connecting with a community of fellow fashion enthusiasts, and also a sound name and a perfect self-image.


Apart from having a good mobile device, a small but significant equipment for recording real videos, it also requires skill, a perfect tool for editing real videos, and a lot of ideas. Therefore, take a look at what we have proposed to you today and get to work. Fashion fanatics are waiting for your ideas and perfectly shot and edited Instagram reel videos.