Women's Clinic

Group Therapy

We are pleased to announced that Women's Clinic has expanded our Group Therapy/Support services.

We are involved with groups in all aspects of our lives be it in our families, friendships, work environments or religious/spiritual gatherings. A therapy group is a special group in that it’s sole purpose is to promote the personal growth and psychological health of its members. The focus is on self-examination and exploration of our relationship with others and ourselves.

In a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment group members are given the opportunity to explore beliefs and behaviors that are getting in their way of creating fulfilling relationships and satisfying careers. The group can be used as a springboard to learn how to identify and express feelings and try out new ways of communicating that achieve more satisfying results.

Do you find yourself struggling with daily activities? Have you felt depressed or anxious lately? Do you notice that you tend to isolate yourself or feel shy with others? Have you had a recent job loss or a relationship break up? Are you in transition or just feel stuck and desire a change? It is normal to experience these feelings from time to time in our lives. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming and that’s when a group can offer comfort and support: a place to talk, to be heard and to not feel alone.


Wednesday:  6:30-8:00PM     “Women in Transition”
This group is designed for women who want to find their passion and reconnect with themselves.  Changes may be related to your relationships, work, environment or emotional health.

Thursday:       6:30-8:00pm    “Sexual & Emotional Health”
This group is designed for women working towards sexual and emotional health & related relationship issues.

The Benefits of Group Therapy include learning positive ways to confront fears, develop coping skills and cultivate emotional resilience. You will deepen your understanding of self; define and explore your own sense of well-being and develop new skills to relate to others.

For more information, call (310) 203-8899, ext 103.

Groups are open to all sexual orientations.
All groups are co-facilitated by Master Level MFT Interns &/or Trainees working toward licensure.
Under the supervision of:    Carla Becker, MFT – Lic #37084  &  Evelyn Pechter, PsyD  - Lic #21132