Women's Clinic

Counseling Home

Our counseling center is an affordable resource for women, men, adolescents, couples and families seeking support for a wide variety of issues.

We create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which our clients, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, or cultural background receive the care they need, as well as the information and emotional support to make confident, informed decisions about their lives.

Unique in our perspective, we value the role of creative expression in emotional well-being. This is reflected both in the art on our walls and in the way we approach psychotherapy.

We provide counseling for a broad spectrum of challenges and concerns you may face. From managing stress and problems in your relationships to clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, and recovery from trauma, you do not have to be alone on the journey.

For more information, or to speak directly with a therapist, call (310) 203-8899, ext. 103

We have a Women's Therapy Groups, which meets on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Please click here for more information.